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Experience the thrill

Racing simulator

What is simracing?

Simracing is virtual racing against other players on different tracks. You experience the same challenges and sensations as in a real race car.

  • Race against your colleagues on an official Formula One circuit
  • Record the fastest times on the leaderboard
  • On-site installation and instructor
  • Exclusive dressing
Stap 1

Race like a pro!

Take a seat in the cockpit of our racing simulator and immediately imagine yourself on a real Formula 1 circuit. Did you know that it is also used by real F1 drivers to prepare for a race? That is not a coincidence. The view, track, handling, steering and gas pedal pedals feel lifelike. Get carried away in this exciting and fast-paced thrill!

Stap 2


Our simulator comes to your location. We provide transportation, set-up and take-down and an on-site instructor. So that all you have to do is get behind the wheel to enjoy it with your colleagues.

Stap 3

Game Guidance

What are all those buttons on the steering wheel for? What happens when I crash? No worries, our on-site instructor will provide professional guidance and explanations. There will be two practice rounds first so you can get used to it slowly. After that, it’s time for the real thing. Ready for takeoff?

Experience the thrill


  • Day part (4 hours)
  • Trailer and boarding
  • Host
  • Screens


  • All in package bronze
  • Stage block 1/2/3 incl. wall
  • Beachflags
  • Top 10 leaderboard
  • Medal ceremony


  • Everything from package silver
  • Personalized back wall
  • Personalized boarding
  • Personalized present