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General Terms and Conditions

1. General

1.1. These terms and conditions apply to all agreements and other transactions between as lessor and the other party hereinafter referred to as: lessee, on the rental of goods and included services. Deviations from the agreement require written confirmation. Both the content and validity of the terms and conditions are deemed to be accepted by Tenant. If a situation arises that is not regulated by these general terms and conditions, the situation should be assessed in the spirit of these general terms and conditions. The applicability of any terms and conditions of Tenant is expressly excluded.

1.2. exclusive of VAT and other government levies, shipping and handling charges, unless otherwise indicated.

1.3. Price indications can be viewed without obligation at our websiteRaceFormule

2. Rental

2.1 The leased property remains at all times the property of and without prior written consent, may not be sublet or made available to third parties or encumbered. The renter must always do everything that can reasonably be expected of him to secure the property rights of

2.2 The rental may only be used for the purpose for which it is intended; Playing Race game simulations and associated presentations.

2.3 No permanent changes may be made to the leased property without written permission. The cost of any damage will be charged to the tenant. It is also not permitted – without prior written permission – to remove the rented object from the place where it was installed by

2.4 At the end of the rental period, the rented property must be in the same condition as when it was taken into use.

2.5 If the rented object is subject to damage or malfunction during the rental period, the renter, in consultation with the attendant, must immediately notify must be given 2 full hours to replace or repair the rented item without any compensation or indemnity being due. Repairs may only be performed by or its authorized representatives.

3. Execution of the agreement

3.1 All data for the proper execution of the agreement are provided by the hirer to through the booking system on our website. If this is not done properly has the right not to execute the assignment. Incurred damages resulting from this will be borne by the tenant. Delivery of the rented property takes place at the agreed location of the lessee.

3.2 Necessary permits, waivers or other consents necessary for performance shall be provided by the Lessee. In the event of default, all costs incurred are the responsibility of the renter. accepts no liability in this regard.

3.3 The tenant shall ensure sufficient possibilities for supply and removal of the rented property, space required to set up and connection possibilities for electricity; at least 1 (demonstrable) full free 16 ampere power group.

4. Liability

4.1 The Tenant is responsible and fully releases the Landlord from all risks during the period of erection and performance of the contract and shall, if necessary, insure the goods against damage, theft, fire, etc.

4.2 Damage to the rental, or missing parts or included accessories, is the responsibility of the renter. User damage is excluded and shall be borne by Unless it can be shown that this user damage was caused by not using the rented property in a normal manner. If Tenant is in default of proper fulfillment of the agreement, he is liable for all – direct and indirect – damages/costs of Landlord.

4.3 is only liable for damages suffered due to a defect in the rental or gross negligence of persons engaged by him. This provision applies only to persons with whom has entered into an agreement of employment or persons whom otherwise pays to provide the service.

4.4 can not be held liable for compensation for damages of any kind by both the tenant and third parties. The renter indemnifies against any claims by third parties.

4.5 is not responsible for physical injury to persons and participants present during the performance of the assignment. Use of the simulator and associated trailer and/or stages are entirely at the risk of renter/users. is not liable for damages because it has relied on inaccurate and / or incomplete information provided by or on behalf of tenant.

4.6 Because provides game supervision/technical support, the rented property is insured by for theft. This applies only for the duration during which an employee of or a person designated by is present at the leased property.

5. Cancellation

5.1 Cancellation must be notified by the renter to in writing by email.

5.2 A cancellation fee will be charged in the event of cancellation by the tenant:

  • For cancellation up to 1 week (7 days) before the date of rental, the tenant will owe 40% of the total rental fee.
  • For cancellation within 1 week before the date of rental, the tenant will owe 60% of the total rental fee.
  • In case of cancellation within 2 days (48 hours) before the date of rental, the tenant will owe 80% of the total rental fee. The total rental fee includes all agreed costs such as, rental costs, transportation, game supervision costs, set up and take down, project costs etc. the remaining amount will be refunded to the renter through a credit.

5.3 In the event of force majeure, will suspend and/or terminate/dissolve the contract without having to pay compensation for this. Force majeure includes everything mentioned about it in the law and case law.

Landlord is immediately authorized to suspend and/or dissolve the agreement if Tenant fails to fulfill its obligations, if Landlord has a well-founded fear that Tenant will not fulfill its obligations, if there is (an application for) bankruptcy, suspension of payments, attachment and liquidation.

On all legal relations with only Dutch law applies. Only the Court of Limburg location Maastricht is competent in case of disputes.

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